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Money Advice Plus is a registered charity (Money Advice & Community Support Service) with headquarters in Hove, helping and supporting people experiencing difficulty managing their money or financial affairs.  Alongside our face-to-face work with clients in Sussex, we run a national telephone advice service, from our office in Eastbourne.

Everyone needs a helping hand now and then, and we can all experience tough times whether it’s due to illness, mental health issues, poverty, relationship difficulties or old age. Money Advice Plus can give peace of mind through advice and assistance, confidentially and impartially.

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Our Patrons

Former MP of Brighton Pavilion David Lepper has been our patron and a supporter of our work for many years.

In 2017 we were pleased to acquire 3 new patrons:

Caroline Lucas is MP for Brighton Pavilion.  She was elected as the UK’s first Green Member of Parliament in 2010

Stephen Lloyd is former Liberal Democrat and then Independent MP for Eastbourne.

Peter Kyle is the Labour MP for Hove & Portslade.  In Parliament he has been serving on the Business Innovation and Skills Select Committee.



Brighton Office: Call: 08081 963699 Email: Office: Tisbury Road Offices
Hove Town Hall, Tisbury Road
Hove, BN3 3BQ
Opening Times:
Mon-Fri 9.30am – 1pm, 2pm – 5pm
Eastbourne Office: Call: 01323 635 999 Email: Office: 182-184 Terminus Rd,
BN21 3BB
Opening Times:
Mon-Thur 9.00am – 5pm
Fri 9.00am - 4pm
Moneyworks Advice Line
(money advice to residents of
Brighton and Hove):
Call: 0800 988 7037

The Moneyworks Adviceline is a telephone advice service run on behalf of the Moneyworks Partnership providing free and independent advice to residents of Brighton and Hove on a whole range of money issues including dealing with welfare benefits, debt and maximising income

An adviser will give initial advice and may refer you to an appropriate project within the Moneyworks Partnership or signpost you to an external organisation.

The Adviceline is open
Monday 2-5
Tuesday 2-5
Wednesday 10-1
Thursday 2-5
Friday 10-1

The line is busy so you may prefer to use our online form to request a call back or email from one of our advisers

If you are struggling to get through and just require Debt Advice you can call National Debt line Tel 0808 808 4000, Step change Tel 0800 138 1111 or Payplan Tel 0800 280 2816. These are national, free and impartial services

Directions Download:

Download map and details of buses & how to find us here.

Send us a message today Or call 08081 963699

Data that you provide will be kept confidential to Money Advice Plus, except in certain circumstances in accordance with our confidentiality policy. (eg if a vulnerable person is in immediate danger, we may have a duty to act)
For more information see our website privacy notice

  • Website Privacy Notice

    Money Advice Plus’ website provides 3 ways that individuals can directly provide us with data: a “contact us” form, a newsletter signup, and an online chat portal. Contacts via these routes will be classified as coming from one of the following, & will be dealt with as set out below:
    • Potential Clients (ie a request for advice)
    • Referrers/ partners
    • Potential employees (eg enquiring about a job, volunteering opportunities)
    • Supporters
    Potential Clients:
    In the event that we reply to a request for advice by giving advice, then an individual is classified as a client. This means a record of the contact & advice given will be kept in accordance with our procedures. Our client privacy notice is here Money Advice Plus Client Privacy Notice.docx
    We follow our safeguarding & confidentiality policies, Confidentiality Procedure.docx
    This means there may be certain circumstances in which we do not keep information confidential (eg safeguarding).
    If we reply to an enquiry to say that we cannot help, or with signposting to another agency then data will be kept for only long enough for us to determine that we have dealt with the contact appropriately. (eg no longer than 12 months) Referrers/ partners
    Information will be dealt with & kept as appropriate and this is not personal data as covered by data protection act – unless it concerns a client (see above). Potential employees (eg enquiring about a job, volunteering opportunities)
    We will keep data only for long enough to determine that we have dealt with the enquiry as appropriate (usually no longer than 6 months). For more information our employee privacy notice is here Money Advice Plus Employee Privacy Notice.docx Supporters
    Individuals can sign up for our newsletter or contact us for more information. For more information our supporter privacy notice is here Money Advice Plus Supporter Privacy Notice.docx
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