The Financial Support Line for Victims of Domestic Abuse

A partnership between Money Advice Plus and Surviving Economic Abuse

  • Money Advice Plus is the only UK charity that provides dedicated support to victim-survivors of domestic abuse with their money worries to increase financial stability.
  • Surviving Economic Abuse is the only UK charity dedicated to raising awareness of economic abuse and transforming responses to it.

“Economic abuse involves behaviours (control, exploitation and sabotage)that interfere with a partner’s ability to acquire, use and maintain economic resources. In the context of domestic violence, it commonly takes place alongside physical, sexual and psychological abuse”.

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Money Advice Plus in partnership with Surviving Economic Abuse operate the Financial Support Line for victims of Domestic Abuse. This service offers one off/ short term advice for victim-survivors for support with debts and benefits.

To contact the Financial Support line for advice and guidance call our freephone number 08081968845 between 9am–5pm Monday to Thursday.

The aim of the Financial Support Line is to empower people who have experienced or are experiencing abuse to regain control of their finances. Advisors on the Line will always take your safety and well-being into account when giving advice.

While advisors on the Line cannot help with everything, they can:

• discuss welfare benefit issues

• give you strategies for dealing with debt

• support you in developing a budget

• look at problems you may be experiencing with utility companies and other bills

• talk you through how to safely open a new bank account or work through problems you’re
experiencing with banking

• in some cases, signpost or refer you to apply for small grants if you are experiencing
severe financial hardship

Please note that volume on the Line is very high, so it may take a while to get through. We have had to take the difficult decision to remove the ability to leave a message. This was to keep everyone safe. Please do keep trying during our working hours (see above).
In the meantime, please do consult our information and resources.

You (or your client) may be eligible for the Financial Support Line Casework Service if you:
• have debts and have experienced economic abuse
• have experienced or are experiencing domestic or economic abuse

1. Professional referral
If you are already being supported by a domestic abuse service or an advice service, you can ask them to do a professional referral on your behalf.
A staff member should email using the EAEF Referral Form

2. Self-referral
You can also refer yourself by calling the Financial Support Line on 08081968845 (Monday–Thursday, 9am–1pm & 2pm–5pm) and telling them you are eligible for referral to the casework service. An adviser will talk through how they think we can best support you.
Unfortunately, volume on the Line is very high, so it may take a while to get through. Please do keep trying.

Money Advice Plus in partnership with Surviving Economic Abuse (SEA) is able to provide tailored training on economic abuse to finance/housing/money advice and domestic abuse services.

Part one: Economic abuse
Definitions, implications and understanding: Defining economic abuse; case studies; exploring how economic abuse threads through coercive control; research findings; and exploring the ripple effects of economic abuse.

Part two: Integrated working
Partnership working vs. referrals: An introduction to integrated working Money Advice Plus and the importance of using a safety lens.

Part three: Economic safety
Conversation kit- screening for economic abuse; de-linking from abuse; maximising income and reducing risk; and practical tools and resources.

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To make an enquiry about training, please call 01323 635 987.

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