How can we help you?

Money Advice Plus can help your organisation in a variety of ways:

  • We can deliver training for front line staff to provide them with the tools to make timely and effective interventions
  • We help reduce rent arrears, and encourage residents to deal with rent as top priority
  • We run workshops for clients designed to improve their knowledge, skills and confidence to manage their money


 Developing Advice & Support Services

We’re happy to discuss with service providers how we can work with you to provide support to your clients under existing funding arrangements, or how you could commission additional support for your clients.

If you are interested in finding out about working with us please contact
Philippa Powell, Sue Pattenden or Karen Perrier at



We offer budgeting, debt and money management workshops and training sessions to groups of individuals and workers supporting clients with money.

If you would like us to come along to talk to your group, or if we can support your project or organisation with debt or benefits training, money & budgeting workshops, keeping my money safe & scam awareness, or to enquire about bespoke training please contact Andrea Finch, Sophy Williams or Karen Perrier at

Send us a message today Or call 08081 963699

Data that you provide will be kept confidential to Money Advice Plus, except in certain circumstances in accordance with our confidentiality policy. (eg if a vulnerable person is in immediate danger, we may have a duty to act)
For more information see our website privacy notice

  • Website Privacy Notice

    Money Advice Plus’ website provides 3 ways that individuals can directly provide us with data: a “contact us” form, a newsletter signup, and an online chat portal. Contacts via these routes will be classified as coming from one of the following, & will be dealt with as set out below:
    • Potential Clients (ie a request for advice)
    • Referrers/ partners
    • Potential employees (eg enquiring about a job, volunteering opportunities)
    • Supporters
    Potential Clients:
    In the event that we reply to a request for advice by giving advice, then an individual is classified as a client. This means a record of the contact & advice given will be kept in accordance with our procedures. Our client privacy notice is here Money Advice Plus Client Privacy Notice.docx
    We follow our safeguarding & confidentiality policies, Confidentiality Procedure.docx
    This means there may be certain circumstances in which we do not keep information confidential (eg safeguarding).
    If we reply to an enquiry to say that we cannot help, or with signposting to another agency then data will be kept for only long enough for us to determine that we have dealt with the contact appropriately. (eg no longer than 12 months) Referrers/ partners
    Information will be dealt with & kept as appropriate and this is not personal data as covered by data protection act – unless it concerns a client (see above). Potential employees (eg enquiring about a job, volunteering opportunities)
    We will keep data only for long enough to determine that we have dealt with the enquiry as appropriate (usually no longer than 6 months). For more information our employee privacy notice is here Money Advice Plus Employee Privacy Notice.docx Supporters
    Individuals can sign up for our newsletter or contact us for more information. For more information our supporter privacy notice is here Money Advice Plus Supporter Privacy Notice.docx
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