Our Mission

Our mission is to help people manage their money effectively. We do this by providing free innovative money handling and advice services, working in partnership with other agencies. Our independent, confidential and flexible approach is tailored to individuals’ needs, allowing us to reach those who find it most difficult to access advice.

Our Vision

Our vision is a community where people have the advice and support they need to manage their money effectively, helping them to maintain control of their lives, promoting greater peace of mind.

Our Values


We are committed to offering high quality professional services, based on a culture of continuous improvement. Our reliable performance and service delivery makes us a trusted name, securing a great reputation with both clients and funders.


Our service is friendly, respectful, and tailored to individual need. We work hard to make our services accessible to marginalised and hard-to-reach groups, and work with our funders to deliver services that are free at the point of use. Our work is rooted in our commitment to fair access and equality of opportunity and in the core principles of advice: independence and confidentiality.


We have a history of innovative service, tailoring our services to create bespoke packages of support. This flexible, creative approach is based on listening and understanding, two skills at the heart of advice work. Our service packages are developed at a macro scale (for funders) and micro scale (for individual clients), making our work targeted, appropriate and effective. We value the contribution of everyone involved in the service and welcome the involvement of clients, staff and stakeholders in shaping the direction of the organisation.


We have a long history of partnership working, cooperating with funders and other relevant agencies to provide joined-up advice and support packages. Our commitment to collaborative working also extends to our relationship with clients, creating opportunities for empowerment and the development of self-confidence and money management skills.

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