How to make a referral

Social Workers:

Social Workers in Brighton & Hove can refer to our Supporting People funded service. We offer the same service for clients living in East & West Sussex, but you will need to agree funding before we can work with a client.

  • we specialise in working pro-actively with hard-to-reach clients who cannot access mainstream advice
  • we can give practical help in sticking to a budget, with our money handling service
  • we can work with clients who lack capacity, can become appointees for welfare benefits, or deputy appointed by the Court of Protection

For more information, on any of these services, or to discuss a possible referral call 01273 664 000 and ask for Referrals.

Who can be referred for Supporting People?

Anyone who has had a Social Care Assessment or Mental Health Care Plan Assessment and needs our help, if they are living in their own home (ie not in residential care or hospital) in Brighton & Hove. We offer the same support for clients living in residential care, but this work will need to be individually funded.

How to make a referral

Fill in a referral form available in excel format or as a pdf here.

You’ll then need to password protect this & email it with a care plan to or fax it to 01273 022662

What happens next?

The referred person will be offered an assessment appointment as soon as possible and we’ll help with any money matters needing urgent attention. Our first aim is to help stabilise their financial position and we’ll then look at factors in more detail to consider their priority rating on the waiting list and estimated waiting time before a fuller service can be offered. We’ll also consider if there’s another Money Advice Plus project available which may be able to help support the client better (and more quickly).

see referral flow chart here

While on the waiting list

If the individual’s situation changes or other matters of concern arise, just let us know and we’ll see how we can help.

Other Project Referrals, all other workers

Other workers can refer to Money Advice Plus for short to medium term advice and casework.

Please fill in a referral form, or contact Referrals on 664000 to discuss further.

For advice to help you support your client with money problems please call the MoneyWorks Advice Line on 0800 988 7037 (for questions about referrals, please call 01273 664000)

To Refer Yourself

Money Advice Plus cannot always offer face-to-face appointments for advice, this depends on what current projects we have running. We would like anyone seeking advice to call the moneyworks adviceline on 0800 988 7037, and speak to a telephone adviser in the first instance. The adviser will take your details, and will offer you advice straight away. If you need a face-to-face appointment the adviser can refer you to an agency offering this – this could be one of our projects or with a different advice agency. This may depend on your circumstances eg where you live and what sort of help you need. If you are referred to Money Advice Plus we will contact you to make an appointment.

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