We are thrilled to announce that 3 new patrons have joined us this year; Caroline Lucas, Steve Lloyd and Peter Kyle. Recently, we met with both Caroline Lucas and Stephen Lloyd.

Lloyd was particularly keen to discuss the impacts the rollout of Universal Credit will have upon his constituents. Stephen said “I was very happy to step up as Money Advice Plus Patron as I’ve admired their work for a long time. In fact, their skills and expertise are of such a high caliber that I asked them to train up my team for the impending arrival of the government’s new benefits programme, Universal Credit, which arrives in Eastbourne on October the 11th

During Caroline Lucas’ visit to our offices she met staff and had lengthy discussions mainly centered around the impact that welfare reform has had on our clients, including how delayed payments and sanctions have led to an increase in foodbank usage, and the work we are doing to support these clients through difficult times.

We look forward to working with our new patrons in 2018

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