The Domestic Abuse and Money Education (DAME) project is a dedicated national money and debt advice telephone service supporting survivors of domestic abuse to help them overcome its financial impacts. The service enables Money Advice Plus advisers to respond holistically to the survivor’s needs. DAME Advisers build financial capability, skills and confidence of survivors of domestic abuse to help them to live independently, be in control of their finances and improve their quality of life.

The DAME Advisers were delighted to attend the official launch of Surviving Economic Abuse (SEA) in the House of Commons which celebrated the launch of this important new charity and to hear from the charity’s Director, Dr Nicola Sharp-Jeffs as well as a survivor of economic abuse.

SEA will be launching new research which explores how, two years on, the offence of controlling or coercive behaviour is addressing the issue.  SEA is the only charity in the United Kingdom dedicated to developing responses to women whose economic resources (money, transportation, a place to stay etc.) have been controlled, exploited or sabotaged by a current or ex-partner.

This work is vital as the economic impact of abuse can limit women’s choices, ability to access safety and can last long after the relationship has ended, acting as a barrier to rebuilding lives.

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