Your Rights


You Have the Right to be Informed

We tell you why we need to collect and store your data, and what we will do with it


You have a right to withhold data:

When we collect data normally it is required for the provision of good advice, and we tell you if we are asking for monitoring/reporting purposes only. If you can withhold data without it affecting the advice we can give, we will tell you. If by withholding data you limit the service we are able to provide we will also explain how our service is limited, eg if you do not want to tell us your earnings then we will not be able to do a benefits check.

Some data is required so that we can provide a service eg where we are funded to work with people living in Brighton & Hove then we will be required to satisfy ourselves of a client’s address, and we will not be able to provide a service without this information.

Where a client wishes to remain anonymous and/or to not have their personal data stored it will not be possible for us to provide a service in these circumstances.


You have a right to be forgotten:

When you have agreed to Money Advice Plus storing and processing your data, you can withdraw this consent. You should do this in writing to the data controller. If you withdraw consent then this may affect our ability to continue working with you (see above). We may have to close your case, if it is not already closed. We will keep records of the work we have done, and we will need to retain these records in case you later have a complaint about advice received, and for the purpose of checking the accuracy and quality of advice given. This means that we cannot erase all of the personal data that we hold, but any data that has been collected solely for monitoring and reporting purposes may be erased.


You have a right to see all the data about you that we hold

You should request this in writing to the Data Manager, specifying an address to which we can post the data, or specifying if you require the information emailed in an electronic format. Information will be provided at the latest within one month of receipt. If requests for data are repetitive or otherwise excessive, then we will follow UK GDPR guidance.


You have a Right to correct data if we have got it wrong

You should address requests for correction to the Data Manager.


Your Right to Restrict Processing of Personal Data

If you object to our legitimate processing of data, please speak with the Data Manager. Most of our funding is conditional on our providing reports to the funders, which necessitates the processing of personal data. In some circumstances it may not be possible for us to continue providing a service to a client who wishes to opt out of data processing.


Your Right to Complain

You have a right to complain. See our complaints procedure for more information.

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