A cash machine (or ATM) is a machine that you can take money out of.

A deposit machine is a machine where you can put money into your account.

If you need help using a machine, you can ask a member of the bank’s staff to help you. You can usually identify bank staff by their uniforms and name badges.


Counter Service

You can choose to use counter services instead of the machines. This may not be available at all banks.

The member of staff behind the counter can help you with most of your banking requests.



You may see lots of desks or small offices. This is where members of staff can help you with more complicated products or services.

It is always best to go to the counter first, and a member of staff will take you to one of these desks if they need to.

Do not be afraid to ask a member of staff if you are unsure. They are there to help.


In the bank… step by step

1.You will need your bank card and your PIN. You may also need photo identification (ID), such as a driving licence or passport. If you use a communication book or alert card, it may also be helpful to bring one.

2. Go to the counter. If there is a queue, you will need to join it. If there are a lot of people and you become anxious, explain that to the nearest member of staff and they will help you.

3. When you get to the counter, have your bank card ready. You can also show your communication book or alert card, if you have one.

4. Explain to the member of staff behind the counter what you would like to do.

5. They may ask to put your card in a machine and enter your PIN.

6. You should not be asked to say your PIN out loud or to give it to someone else. If you are unsure whether to give someone your PIN, talk to someone you trust.

7. If you cannot see the numbers on the card machine or you cannot remember your PIN, explain this to the member of staff and ask if they can check your ID in a different way.

8. If you are asked for ID, this has to have your photo on it (such as a driving licence or passport).

9. If you fail the ID checks, the bank might not serve you. If this happens, try not to panic. You can return to the bank with your ID at another time.

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