We had an independent evaluation of our successful Big Lottery Project which ran from 2013 to 2017.  A summary of the evaluation can be seen here. 

The report finds that the Money Advice Plus Lottery Project gives people hope that their situations can change and the skills to enable individuals to achieve change. Clients report being more in control of their finances having greater knowledge how to deal with debts, benefits and budgeting feeling more confident to access help in the future being able to plan and manage their finances some even reporting an ability to save.

The evaluation provides strong evidence of high need for the model developed by Money Advice Plus ie taking services out to where the most marginalised people are, either because of their location, lack of funds or access to transport.  Those who are additionally marginalised are also least likely to seek help despite their high need, often feeling that their situation is hopeless and that no-one can help.  They often talk of the stigma associated with money problems or needing to use a Foodbank.

The Money Advice Plus Lottery project provided advice and support to additionally marginalised individuals in areas of East Sussex and Brighton & Hove where advice services did not exist. They built strong collaborative partnerships with over 30 organisations and 5 Foodbanks. 727 clients received face-to-face support in community venues and home visits, and 46 workshops attended by 266 (some of whom became face-to-face clients). They also offered home visits to ensure access to the service.


86%  of workshop respondents felt more knowledgeable about how to deal with debts, benefits and budgeting.


84% of workshop respondents felt more confident accessing help if needed in the future


76% of clients feel more in control of their finances following face-to-face advice


“I just wish I had asked for help a lot sooner, but that was my pride’s fault. At least I can sleep easier knowing it has now been sorted.  Although my financial situation has changed,  due to the new disability benefit, I’m glad I got help from Money Advice Plus before this happened as I would be in more debt now.”

  Face to face client

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