“How are we doing?”

Feedback from Money Advice Plus clients’ 2018 annual survey and exit questionnaire

Here is a summary of feedback from our clients who completed and returned the 2018 annual survey and also the exit questionnaire during the past eight months (April to November 2018).

Client Annual Survey

Every year we ask our clients for feedback on what sort of impact our services and support had in their life. In 2018 we sent a total of 746 easy read questionnaires to clients from 14 different projects. 102 questionnaires were completed and returned to us, a response rate of 14%.

Q1. Has Money Advice Plus reduced your money worries in any ways?

  62% of respondents felt more in control with their finances

  50% of respondents felt they have more money to save or spend

  55% of respondents felt they are in control of their debts

  49% of respondents felt they know more about benefits available to them

  66% of respondents felt more confident in accessing help if needed in the future


“Before I got in touch with Money Advice Plus my finances and life were a complete mess”

“I was so confused about PIP and the face-to-face assessment. Money Advice Plus helped me get the financial allowance that my disability requires”

“Very helpful and friendly adviser who helped me feel at ease and was willing to answer all my queries and even said she’d research ones she didn’t know and called me later”


Q2. Has the support from Money Advice Plus made a difference to your life and those close to you/your family?

44% of respondents reported an increase in independence

  45% of respondents reported an increase in the choices they have

  79% of respondents felt less stressed and anxious

  60% of respondents felt more positive about life


“This has helped me feel less suicidal at time when I feel overwhelmed and unable to deal with admin. Also feel more in control of my finances”

“I don’t need to worry about money like I used to which has improved my whole life”

“I have been able to go back to work and I am confident and knowledgeable on benefits and being able to support my family”

“I was having panic attacks and out of control with my finances. Money Advice Plus were so patient with me and reassuring. My mental health benefited”


Q3. If you needed to contact us again for further support, make a complaint or provide feedback would you?

  19% of respondents would write a letter

  57% of respondents would talk to their adviser

  75% of respondents would call us

  18% of respondents would send us an email


“I appreciate the continuity of be supported by the same adviser. I am more confident dealing with someone who has an understanding of my circumstances”

“I feel I have excellent access to MAP by the telephone and email especially when things are stressing me over the top”


Client Exit Questionnaire

We sent an exit questionnaire to every client when our support and advice comes to an end. Between April and November 2018 we received 44 completed exit questionnaires.

  98% of clients were satisfied with our services and support

  91% of clients felt more confident in accessing help if needed in the future

  75% of clients felt less stressed and anxious and 83% felt their wellbeing improved

  79% of clients felt they knew more about benefits available to them

  84% of clients felt in control of their debts


“Excellent service. Covered all areas of concern. Kept me updated with progress throughout”

“You have been great help to me. Always pleasant and polite and understanding. I’ll recommend you to others when need it. Your help has been great. Thank you”

“I cannot express my gratitude enough at the level of help and understanding. After years of worry, within one hour it had all gone, also making it possible for me to have court costs cleared and time for me to recover before having to start payment. Thanks so very much”

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