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Debtor A person who owes money
Creditor A person or organisation to whom money is owed
Budget  A written estimate of income and expenditure which helps with planning
Income Money received
Expenditure Money spent
Financial advice Advice on annuities, investments, mortgages, tax structuring and financial planning. Financial Advisers must be registered with and are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Money Advice Plus does not provide this type of advice
Service user A term used for a client or customer by some voluntary and statutory services
Negotiate Reach an agreement
Statutory services  The services local authorities are required by law to provide eg care for someone with a severe disability

Direct Payments

These are cash payments given by Social Services Departments to those assessed as needing services, designed to give more flexibility in how services are provided and offer people greater choice and control over their lives. 

The Direct Payments Direct website  provides information and advice on direct payments for people with physical or learning disabilities, sensory impairments, mental health issues and their carers. 


When someone becomes mentally incapable of managing their own financial affairs, it is possible to apply to the Department of Works and Pensions (DWP) to act as appointee for them. Money Advice Plus is approved as a corporate appointee by the DWP. 

State benefits will then be paid to the appointee, who then has a duty to ensure the monies are dealt with in a proper manner. An appointee is personally liable for money received.

For more information on appointeeship and benefits, visit the website of the Department for Works and Pensions.


Deputies are appointed by the Court of Protection to manage the property, affairs and/or personal welfare of those lacking capacity to make decisions for themselves. 

Money Advice Plus can apply to the Court of Protection on behalf of clients. This is appropriate when someone hasn’t previously appointed an attorney in a Lasting Power of Attorney and doesn’t have the mental capacity to take that step.

For more information on the Court of Protection and LPAs, visit the website of HM Courts & Tribunal Service.



Let us know if we use any terms you don’t understand and we’ll add them to this list – we want to be as clear and jargon-free as possible.

"Money Advice Plus got me out of a big hole. I was depressed. Clearing debts got me out of the mire and helped me go forward, it gave me a way out."

"I was absolutely amazed! I am so grateful for your help with my financial difficulties. I wouldn't have even known about applying for assistance with utility bills and other things without your assistance."

"We've found Money Advice Plus very useful over the past few months. It is very re-assuring to be able to direct our residents to an agency we know will be able to clarify any money concerns. What they've liked the most is that you come to their homes to explain and help. They say it's a much more personal service than working with the Pension Service, and much less daunting."

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