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How we can help

Telephone Advice Line - Moneyworks

Moneyworks is a council-funded project, which aims to provide cohesive and comprehensive money and debt advice to residents of Brighton and Hove. We run a telephone advice service on behalf of the Moneyworks partnership, providing free, independent advice to residents of Brighton and Hove on a whole range of money issues including dealing with debt, maximising income, paying for fuel etc.


Telephone: 0800 988 7037

Monday:                             10 am – 2 pm

Tuesday:                             3 pm – 7 pm

Wednesday & Thursday :   12.30 pm – 4.30 pm

Friday:                                10 am – 2 pm


Advice by E-mail

Advice by e-mail is available to the general public. This service is impartial and confidential, and the advice is free.

Contact us using this e-mail address

Drop in advice desks

At the moment we offer a drop in advice desk at the BMECP every alternate Friday:

Refugee One Stop Shop,  BMECP Centre, 10a Fleet Street, Brighton BN1 4ZE. Drop-in desk fortnightly on a Friday between 11am and 2pm, or phone Charlie Gray on 01273 664000 to make an appoinment. Dates of the next desks are:

December 23rd (may close early for holidays on 23rd)


January 6th & 20th

February 3rd & 17th


We also give advice funded through a range of special projects, and this often enables us to deliver advice through desks in other areas of the city, or offer a visit to your home if this is required. Eligibility and availibility of these vary from time to time so we ask new clients wishing to make an appointment to first speak to an adviser on the telephone adviceline. The adviser will try to help straight away and can also take your details for an appointment if this is required. 


Other Services

Money Management Support Service

This is what we call the ongoing help and support service we give our clients, and this includes money handling where it's needed. Helping you manage your money means you can keep as independent as possible, while tackling the issues in a calm and practical way.

People find money handling useful for different reasons. Some examples are: 

  • people who can't get out to the bank to access cash - we can receive your benefits, and deliver money to you in your home
  • people with substance misuse issues - we can receive your fortnightly and 4-weekly benefits, and give you a smaller, more manageable amount a couple of times a week to help you budget
  • people with learning disabilities and people with mental illness, or dementia - we can support by paying your bills for you, so you don't have to worry 

We support people in lots of different ways, depending on what's needed. Everyone's needs are different and so our help can range from simply offering advice to filling in benefit claim forms, handling money or visiting you at home to bring your money. We help take the stress out of the situation and can give you the skills and information to manage your finances in the future.


This service is available to Sussex residents referred to us by professionals working on their behalf, like Social Services.  Funding is needed to take on a client under our Long Term Casework Service. See our Referral section for more information. Our service is normally free to clients, but where funding is not available, clients can choose to pay directly for a service. "Money Guardians" is what we call our service for self-funding clients. 


Everything we do is:

  • confidential 
  • impartial



We are recognised as a Corporate Appointee by the Benefits Agency. This allows us to claim and receive social security benefits for those unable to do so themselves.


"Money Advice Plus got me out of a big hole. I was depressed. Clearing debts got me out of the mire and helped me go forward, it gave me a way out."

"I was absolutely amazed! I am so grateful for your help with my financial difficulties. I wouldn't have even known about applying for assistance with utility bills and other things without your assistance."

"We've found Money Advice Plus very useful over the past few months. It is very re-assuring to be able to direct our residents to an agency we know will be able to clarify any money concerns. What they've liked the most is that you come to their homes to explain and help. They say it's a much more personal service than working with the Pension Service, and much less daunting."

Anchor scheme manager


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