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Case Studies

Case study No 1

Mr P was being abused by his partner. He was very fearful his partner would find out he was planning to leave. Agencies co-ordinated action so that he left his flat and on the same day took out an injunction in court. On that same day Money Advice Plus took over managing his benefits which had previously been paid as a joint claim with his partner into their joint bank account. Money Advice Plus’ ability to help in a crisis enabled us to act for him at the moment it was needed.

Mr P now has a place on our Supporting People short-term contract and we are supporting him to gain confidence and skills to regain control of his money for himself.

Case study No 2

Mrs B is an elderly lady who was isolated apart from a neighbour who visited and did shopping for her. On our first visit we found out that the neighbour was withdrawing much larger amounts of money than were needed and we raised an alert with the authorities. We were able to arrange for a care agency to take over cashing giros and shopping for Mrs B. An ongoing service from Money Advice Plus was not required. 

Case study No 3

Mr C was a young man with a learning disability. He was referred to Money Advice Plus because his family were taking money from him. We agreed to receive his benefits into our bank so he could collect smaller amounts of money at a time, from our office, leaving him less vulnerable.

Case study No 4

Miss O is an older lady with mental health problems causing her to have manic episodes of overspending and getting into huge debt with her priority payments. With the support she received from Money Advice Plus she is now far more stable and able to use the cash delivered to spend in the way she wishes while her bills and other necessary outgoings are being paid by Money Advice Plus on her behalf. This is a lady who before being referred to our service was in hospital and had periods in residential care. She is still able to pursue living in the community with the support she receives.

Case study No 5

Ms J is a lone parent with school age children. She has learning disabilities, is dependent on benefits and lives in social housing. Her children became the subject of a Child Protection Plan due to neglect. She had borrowed money from a doorstep lender and was repaying this loan at £50 per week. Because of this high repayment of a non-priority creditor, she was failing to buy adequate food and clothing for the children and had become incredibly stressed by her financial situation. We helped her understand her debts and which ones are higher priority. She has worked out her weekly budget, rescheduled her debts and is repaying at an affordable rate so can now make sure she has enough for her essentials.

Case study No 6

Mr B received Exceptional Leave to Remain in the UK and so became entitled to claim mainstream benefits. He had both physical and mental health problems, largely as a result of torture in his home country.

Money Advice Plus assisted him to claim both Employment and Support Allowance and Disability Living Allowance. His claim for ESA was refused after the assessment period, despite clear evidence from his GP stating he has a significant disability. His payments stopped and it was necessary to help him to apply for a crisis loan to cover the period between payments stopping and the Department of Work & Pensions receiving the appeal form. Money Advice Plus helped him submit an appeal, following which he was accepted as being unable to work and his benefit was reinstated without a hearing.

His claim for DLA was also refused, after the client had attended a medical. The examiners’ report differed significantly from the opinion of the client’s GP. Because of the supporting evidence we had, we initially asked for a review of the decision. This was refused and Money Advice Plus then represented successfully at appeal.  He was awarded high rate mobility and middle rate care. 

  Case study No 7

Mr W is 89 years old and he has lived independently in the same flat for 40 years. He was referred to Money Advice Plus because Social Services  were concerned about the amount of money that was being withdrawn from his account.  When we became involved it became clear that Mr W was being taken to the bank by individuals and with drawing large sums of money. Over time thousands had been withdrawn. It also came to light that he was letting people in to his flat and they were taking any money that was there.

 Although Mr W has capacity in most areas of his life his understanding of the value of money is limited and he is also a very trusting gentleman. When we became involved he agreed that we should transfer any remaining money from his bank account in to one with us, and we applied to have all of his benefits and pensions paid to our account. We pay all of his bills, set up a daily food delivery and ensure he has enough cash for the week. Social Services arranged for carers to go in once a day and Mr W was encouraged to use his intercom and door chain and not let unwanted people in to his flat. Prior to his accepting support with his money, sheltered accommodation had been considered as a safeguarding measure, but Mr W did not want to move from his home.

Money Advice Plus’ involvement has been instrumental in stopping the financial abuse and allowing Mr W to stay in his home.



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"Money Advice Plus got me out of a big hole. I was depressed. Clearing debts got me out of the mire and helped me go forward, it gave me a way out."

"I was absolutely amazed! I am so grateful for your help with my financial difficulties. I wouldn't have even known about applying for assistance with utility bills and other things without your assistance."

"We've found Money Advice Plus very useful over the past few months. It is very re-assuring to be able to direct our residents to an agency we know will be able to clarify any money concerns. What they've liked the most is that you come to their homes to explain and help. They say it's a much more personal service than working with the Pension Service, and much less daunting."

Anchor scheme manager


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