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Breakfast Club

Once per month the Participation Group organises a Money Advice Plus Breakfast Club. We promote the event with a colourful flyer which was designed by the Participation Club, and invite Money Advice Plus clients to join us for food while we talk, providing: 

  • a healthy breakfast,
  • tips on how to eat healthy food on a small budget  
  • information about where to buy cheap healthy food in Brighton and Hove

Sometimes we get together in Money Advice Plus's meeting room where we prepare an uncooked breakfast which includes coffee, tea, fruit juice, cereals, fruit, toasts and jams.

Other times we meet in a community kitchen where we are able to cook cheap healthy snacks and lunches with the help from Anna Schwarz, Cookery Development Worker at Brighton & Hove Food Partnership

B&HFP organises lots of activities, full list here 











In July 2014 the Participation Group organised a visit to Preston Park Community Garden where we talked about growing food and cooked a very yummy lunch using vegetables and fruit freshly picked from the garden!


Money Advice Plus clients experience food poverty as they are on low incomes, some are unemployed and some have disabilities. Some experience deprivation, are financially excluded and suffer from complex related issues including mental health, physical disabilities, substance misuse and learning disabilities. Some of the people attending the Breakfast Clubs suffer from Coronary Heart Disease, high blood pressure, non-insulin dependent diabetes and so on. Some participants are over 60 years old.

Nationally, it has been identified that those most likely to experience food poverty are people on low incomes/unemployed, older people and people with disabilities. Further to this there is increasing evidence that in the current economic climate, people are choosing to go without food and regularly missing meals to conserve their limited household budgets.

The informal and comfortable Breakfast Club’s environment enables people to learn about the benefits of eating healthy food. People share their cooking tips and recipes, suggestions about where to shop for the best deals in fresh fruit and vegetables, meat and fish and best bread as well as where to go for cheap/subsidised lunches in their communities.

The Breakfast Club generates discussions about food and help people to think about what they eat to potentially change eating patterns to improve their diets.  Money Advice Plus Advice Workers support clients to develop a budget which incorporates a section on ‘Housekeeping’ for buying food. Our Breakfast Club activities complement this work by actively showing clients how to stick to their budgets and still manage to eat healthy meals.

The idea of Money Advice Plus Breakfast Club originated from our partnership with Brighton & Hove Food Partnership’s Food Matters project in 2011. Money Advice Plus supported the delivery of Budget Bites which enable people to make links between good food budgeting, managing debt, and how healthy meals are a vital component of wellbeing in all aspects of their lives. Budget Bites aimed to ‘increase people’s confidence and skills to cook from scratch, using low cost ingredients to create affordable meals that were healthy and appetizing for everyone’.

In 2015 the Participation Group was involved in the making of two Radio Reverb programme; the first  looking at the issue of Food Poverty and Foodbanks in Brighton and Hove and the second on How to Eat Healthily on A Small Budget

Money Advice Plus Breakfast Club is funded for a year by Brighton & Hove Food Partnership through their Good Food Grant.          


"Money Advice Plus got me out of a big hole. I was depressed. Clearing debts got me out of the mire and helped me go forward, it gave me a way out."

"I was absolutely amazed! I am so grateful for your help with my financial difficulties. I wouldn't have even known about applying for assistance with utility bills and other things without your assistance."

"We've found Money Advice Plus very useful over the past few months. It is very re-assuring to be able to direct our residents to an agency we know will be able to clarify any money concerns. What they've liked the most is that you come to their homes to explain and help. They say it's a much more personal service than working with the Pension Service, and much less daunting."

Anchor scheme manager


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